• Cautions in the Use of Electric Wheelchairs

    Cautions in the Use of Electric WheelchairsElectric wheelchair is a walking tool used to help people who have difficulty walking. To meet the needs of people traveling independently, but the operation of electric wheelchair also has certain requirements, so what should we pay attention to when using electric wheelchair? Now let the technical director of Jinlily Wheelchair Factory introduce the operation specification of electric wheelchair for you.1. Do not drive your electric wheelchair in violation of national and local traffic regulations.2. Don't make sharp turns in high-speed driving. Driving electric wheelchairs should first slow down to less than 2 km/h before steering.3. People with mental disorders and slow reaction are strictly forbidden to use them; those with abnormal upper limbs and difficult operation are strictly forbidden to use them.4. Never go up or down electric wheelchairs when power is on or hand brakes are not braked; Never Park electric wheelchairs on slopes; Never turn or turn on slopes.5. Up and down slopes should be driven along the direction of slope, but not perpendicular to the direction of slope, otherwise there is the danger of overturning.6. Avoid driving on roads with slopes greater than 8 degrees and over obstacles greater than 4 centimeters7. Do not use electric wheelchairs on sandy or soft ground.8. The anti-rollover mechanism should be put down when the electric wheelchair vehicle is in normal use.9. Do not stop the electric wheelchair for a long time in the open air or drive the electric wheelchair outdoors when it rains. Be careful against dampness. If the electric wheelchair is not used for a long time, the power switch should be turned off.10. Do not disassemble, assemble or modify the components of electric wheelchairs or replace them with those not manufactured by our company without authorization.When using the electric wheelchair, we must strictly follow the instructions of the use of the electric wheelchair, which not only guarantees your safe travel, but also prolongs the service life of the electric wheelchair.

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  • Analysis of Wheelchair Types and Applicable Population

    Analysis of Wheelchair Types and Applicable PopulationWheelchair newsHow to choose a suitable wheelchair has always been a concern of everyone. When choosing a wheelchair, we should not only depend on the type of wheelchair, but also consider what kind of wheelchair our relatives and friends are more suitable to use. Next, we will share with you some things that people should pay attention to when choosing wheelchairs.Applicable crowd 1: People who have basic walking ability but have difficulty walking for a long time. The majority of these people are the elderly and those who have just recovered from illness and are physically weak. Weak body, poor physical strength, so this kind of person is suitable for the selection of aluminum alloy wheelchair. Aluminum alloy wheelchairs are light in weight, foldable and easy to carry. Wheelchairs are needed when users are tired and unable to continue walking, so that their bodies can rest without delaying their journey.Applicable crowd two: amputation, people with walking difficulties. This type of person is suitable for the use of aluminum alloy or carbon fiber wheelchairs, and wheelchairs should be equipped with movable armrests and movable footboards. After moving, the armrest and the footrest can be docked with the bed or seat, and the rider can be moved or moved safely and conveniently. These activities also achieve the goal of training patients.Applicable crowd three: people with paralysis below the waist and uncontrollable urine and urine. Because upper limbs can move freely, wheelchairs with large wheels and push rings are preferred. When the patient's physical condition is good, he can move freely to keep the upper body necessary activities and exercises. When the patient is tired, the back can support the back, also can put the back flat, lift the footrest, so as to get a better rest.Applicable crowd four: stroke, total paralysis patients. This kind of patient is suitable for portable wheelchair, and the armrest can be disassembled to facilitate the nursing of nurses. Because these patients are bedridden for a long time, wheelchairs are required to be convenient for docking with beds, which can greatly reduce the burden on patients and caregivers. Living in bed all the time will make the patient's joints stiff and muscles atrophy. Using a light wheelchair can often take the patient outdoors to breathe fresh air, bask in the sun, contact the crowd, let the patient feel family, love, friendship, human feelings, exclude loneliness, increase perseverance, and have confidence in life.Applicable crowd 5: Orthopaedic patients in the period of injury treatment. This kind of patient takes a long time to ride, using low back wheelchair, will make the buttocks, waist and neck bear too much pressure, may lead to damage to the waist and buttocks, is not conducive to the rehabilitation of patients. So the back of the wheelchair should be slightly higher, generally about 2 centimeters below the scapula. This reduces the pressure on the spine and buttocks and reduces secondary injuries.Applicable crowd 6: those who weigh heavier. Heavier people should use reinforced wheelchairs. Seats are deepened and widened, aluminium tubes are thickened and reinforced. It is suggested that wheelchairs can be customized by manufacturers.Through the above analysis, we can draw the following conclusions: when choosing wheelchairs, we should not only consider the price of wheelchairs and other factors, but also fully consider the user's own physical condition, select suitable wheelchairs, try to avoid secondary injury, which is conducive to the early recovery of users.  

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  • Importance of the quality of bicycles for the elderly

    Importance of the quality of bicycles for the elderlyWheelchair newsIn fact, good products are mainly good quality plus good after-sales service is the perfect product, especially the products with high technology content. When we choose cars, we believe that most people will consider whether there are 4S stores as a guarantee, which just reflects the importance of after-sales.It's the same with the old age scooter. It's not a general low value and consumable product. It has a high technology content. Its manufacturing concept is the same as that of the car, with the same two wheel rear axle drive, gear reduction and differential; it's equipped with intelligent driving computer control and integrated circuit, and it needs to be tested and maintained regularly. In case of failure, it's required to Local distributors purchased by manufacturers or customers have a strong level of after-sales service, including high-quality after-sales personnel, high-tech testing tools, adequate maintenance accessories and high-level maintenance skills, and can timely and accurately troubleshoot for customers.

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  • Controller of electric bicycle

    Controller of electric bicycleWheelchair newsThe controller of the electric bicycle is equivalent to the driving computer of the car. It needs to be programmed by hand-held programmer. It is forbidden to operate motor overheating protection when there is circuit fault. It is forbidden to start vehicle protection during charging.Computer protection function when starting the vehicle. It can prevent the sudden start of the vehicle caused by the accelerometer or misoperation when the controller is powered on. The electromagnetic brake will be released under the allowable condition. If no brake is applied during downhill, the controller will limit the taxiing speed of the vehicle according to the nearly set value.

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  • Older people going out for a walk can help prevent depression

    Older people going out for a walk can help prevent depressionWheelchair newsChildren are successful in their careers and their family life is not worrying, but the old people are always depressed, even totally uninterested in the things they used to like. Sometimes they feel upset and uneasy inexplicably. They are always uncomfortable, and they do not find any obvious problems when they go to the hospital for examination. Experts point out that this may be the mental health problems of the elderly.Psychological experts point out that the prevalence of geriatric depression can reach 7% - 10% among the elderly over 60 years old. Among the elderly with hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes and even cancer, the incidence of depression is up to 50%. In order to prevent geriatric depression, experts suggest that the elderly should actively cultivate their hobbies and expand their social circles. It is necessary to drive an electric scooter to go out to parks and other places for activities.

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  • The reasons that restrict the development of lithium-ion electric bicycle for the elderly are as follows:

    The reasons that restrict the development of lithium-ion electric bicycle for the elderly are as follows:Why does wheelchair news restrict the development of lithium-ion electric bicycle for the elderly? Many old friends will be worried about the lead-acid batteries equipped on the old electric scooter. The lead-acid batteries equipped on the old electric scooter are too heavy, which makes the old friends feel a little powerless when they change batteries or charge the old electric scooter. The replacement of batteries or recharging of electric bicycles is a bit of a problem. The main reasons that restrict the development of lithium-electric elderly electric bicycle products are the following. Industrialization of lithium batteries and special lithium batteries for elderly electric bicycles are not mature enough. At present, there are many kinds of lithium batteries, such as lithium manganate batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries, but the battery life and stability are not high enough. It is difficult to reflect the image of high-tech products and the quality of high-performance products, which affects the recognition of lithium batteries by the elderly electric bicycle enterprises. The price of lithium batteries is too high, and the price difference between lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries is large. Especially, the cycle life of lithium batteries is very difficult to reach about 1000 times, and the stability of batteries is not high, which makes the whole vehicle enterprises and consumers think that using lithium batteries is not economical and practical. Standardization of lithium batteries lags behind. Each manufacturer's lithium batteries are different in product size, interface and protection circuit design, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the elderly electric bicycle enterprises and consumers to replace batteries. Lithium batteries enterprises generally invest a lot in the early stage, but there are many problems in the supply cooperation between lithium batteries and vehicle ente

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