Importance of the quality of bicycles for the elderly
2019-09-20 10:13:17

Importance of the quality of bicycles for the elderly

Wheelchair news

In fact, good products are mainly good quality plus good after-sales service is the perfect product, especially the 

products with high technology content. When we choose cars, we believe that most people will consider whether

 there are 4S stores as a guarantee, which just reflects the importance of after-sales.

It's the same with the old age scooter. It's not a general low value and consumable product. It has a high technology

 content. Its manufacturing concept is the same as that of the car, with the same two wheel rear axle drive, gear

 reduction and differential; it's equipped with intelligent driving computer control and integrated circuit, and it

 needs to be tested and maintained regularly. In case of failure, it's required to Local distributors purchased by 

manufacturers or customers have a strong level of after-sales service, including high-quality after-sales personnel, 

high-tech testing tools, adequate maintenance accessories and high-level maintenance skills, and can timely and 

accurately troubleshoot for customers.


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