Analysis of Wheelchair Types and Applicable Population
2019-09-20 10:20:23

Analysis of Wheelchair Types and Applicable Population

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How to choose a suitable wheelchair has always been a concern of everyone. When choosing a wheelchair, we should not only depend on the type of wheelchair, but also consider what kind of wheelchair our relatives and friends are more suitable to use. Next, we will share with you some things that people should pay attention to when choosing wheelchairs.

Applicable crowd 1: People who have basic walking ability but have difficulty walking for a long time. The majority of these people are the elderly and those who have just recovered from illness and are physically weak. Weak body, poor physical strength, so this kind of person is suitable for the selection of aluminum alloy wheelchair. Aluminum alloy wheelchairs are light in weight, foldable and easy to carry. Wheelchairs are needed when users are tired and unable to continue walking, so that their bodies can rest without delaying their journey.

Applicable crowd two: amputation, people with walking difficulties. This type of person is suitable for the use of aluminum alloy or carbon fiber wheelchairs, and wheelchairs should be equipped with movable armrests and movable footboards. After moving, the armrest and the footrest can be docked with the bed or seat, and the rider can be moved or moved safely and conveniently. These activities also achieve the goal of training patients.

Applicable crowd three: people with paralysis below the waist and uncontrollable urine and urine. Because upper limbs can move freely, wheelchairs with large wheels and push rings are preferred. When the patient's physical condition is good, he can move freely to keep the upper body necessary activities and exercises. When the patient is tired, the back can support the back, also can put the back flat, lift the footrest, so as to get a better rest.

Applicable crowd four: stroke, total paralysis patients. This kind of patient is suitable for portable wheelchair, and the armrest can be disassembled to facilitate the nursing of nurses. Because these patients are bedridden for a long time, wheelchairs are required to be convenient for docking with beds, which can greatly reduce the burden on patients and caregivers. Living in bed all the time will make the patient's joints stiff and muscles atrophy. Using a light wheelchair can often take the patient outdoors to breathe fresh air, bask in the sun, contact the crowd, let the patient feel family, love, friendship, human feelings, exclude loneliness, increase perseverance, and have confidence in life.

Applicable crowd 5: Orthopaedic patients in the period of injury treatment. This kind of patient takes a long time to ride, using low back wheelchair, will make the buttocks, waist and neck bear too much pressure, may lead to damage to the waist and buttocks, is not conducive to the rehabilitation of patients. So the back of the wheelchair should be slightly higher, generally about 2 centimeters below the scapula. This reduces the pressure on the spine and buttocks and reduces secondary injuries.

Applicable crowd 6: those who weigh heavier. Heavier people should use reinforced wheelchairs. Seats are deepened and widened, aluminium tubes are thickened and reinforced. It is suggested that wheelchairs can be customized by manufacturers.

Through the above analysis, we can draw the following conclusions: when choosing wheelchairs, we should not only consider the price of wheelchairs and other factors, but also fully consider the user's own physical condition, select suitable wheelchairs, try to avoid secondary injury, which is conducive to the early recovery of users.



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