Cautions in the Use of Electric Wheelchairs
2019-09-20 10:26:25

Cautions in the Use of Electric Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchair is a walking tool used to help people who have difficulty walking. To meet the needs of people traveling independently, but the operation of electric wheelchair also has certain requirements, so what should we pay attention to when using electric wheelchair? Now let the technical director of Jinlily Wheelchair Factory introduce the operation specification of electric wheelchair for you.

1. Do not drive your electric wheelchair in violation of national and local traffic regulations.

2. Don't make sharp turns in high-speed driving. Driving electric wheelchairs should first slow down to less than 2 km/h before steering.

3. People with mental disorders and slow reaction are strictly forbidden to use them; those with abnormal upper limbs and difficult operation are strictly forbidden to use them.

4. Never go up or down electric wheelchairs when power is on or hand brakes are not braked; Never Park electric wheelchairs on slopes; Never turn or turn on slopes.

5. Up and down slopes should be driven along the direction of slope, but not perpendicular to the direction of slope, otherwise there is the danger of overturning.

6. Avoid driving on roads with slopes greater than 8 degrees and over obstacles greater than 4 centimeters

7. Do not use electric wheelchairs on sandy or soft ground.

8. The anti-rollover mechanism should be put down when the electric wheelchair vehicle is in normal use.

9. Do not stop the electric wheelchair for a long time in the open air or drive the electric wheelchair outdoors when it rains. Be careful against dampness. If the electric wheelchair is not used for a long time, the power switch should be turned off.

10. Do not disassemble, assemble or modify the components of electric wheelchairs or replace them with those not manufactured by our company without authorization.

When using the electric wheelchair, we must strictly follow the instructions of the use of the electric wheelchair, which not only guarantees your safe travel, but also prolongs the service life of the electric wheelchair.


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