• Importance of the quality of bicycles for the elderly

    Importance of the quality of bicycles for the elderlyWheelchair newsIn fact, good products are mainly good quality plus good after-sales service is the perfect product, especially the products with high technology content. When we choose cars, we believe that most people will consider whether there are 4S stores as a guarantee, which just reflects the importance of after-sales.It's the same with the old age scooter. It's not a general low value and consumable product. It has a high technology content. Its manufacturing concept is the same as that of the car, with the same two wheel rear axle drive, gear reduction and differential; it's equipped with intelligent driving computer control and integrated circuit, and it needs to be tested and maintained regularly. In case of failure, it's required to Local distributors purchased by manufacturers or customers have a strong level of after-sales service, including high-quality after-sales personnel, high-tech testing tools, adequate maintenance accessories and high-level maintenance skills, and can timely and accurately troubleshoot for customers.

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  • The reasons that restrict the development of lithium-ion electric bicycle for the elderly are as follows:

    The reasons that restrict the development of lithium-ion electric bicycle for the elderly are as follows:Why does wheelchair news restrict the development of lithium-ion electric bicycle for the elderly? Many old friends will be worried about the lead-acid batteries equipped on the old electric scooter. The lead-acid batteries equipped on the old electric scooter are too heavy, which makes the old friends feel a little powerless when they change batteries or charge the old electric scooter. The replacement of batteries or recharging of electric bicycles is a bit of a problem. The main reasons that restrict the development of lithium-electric elderly electric bicycle products are the following. Industrialization of lithium batteries and special lithium batteries for elderly electric bicycles are not mature enough. At present, there are many kinds of lithium batteries, such as lithium manganate batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries, but the battery life and stability are not high enough. It is difficult to reflect the image of high-tech products and the quality of high-performance products, which affects the recognition of lithium batteries by the elderly electric bicycle enterprises. The price of lithium batteries is too high, and the price difference between lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries is large. Especially, the cycle life of lithium batteries is very difficult to reach about 1000 times, and the stability of batteries is not high, which makes the whole vehicle enterprises and consumers think that using lithium batteries is not economical and practical. Standardization of lithium batteries lags behind. Each manufacturer's lithium batteries are different in product size, interface and protection circuit design, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the elderly electric bicycle enterprises and consumers to replace batteries. Lithium batteries enterprises generally invest a lot in the early stage, but there are many problems in the supply cooperation between lithium batteries and vehicle ente

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